About Us

YourVoiceMatters.com is rooted in the early publications by Reaume Carroll Mulry, Ph.D. with CV Mosby/Times Mirror in 1980, Tension Management & Relaxation, The Back School, The Portable Back School, 12-Steps To a Pain-Free Back, and his later publications, In The Zone: Making Winning Moments Your Way of Life and Teeing Off With The Masters: A Sport Psychology Novel. Each of these publications is focused on teaching fundamental principles of effective human behavior as viewed in such concepts as centering, grounding and self-regulation of the autonomic nervous system.

Later, Dr. Mulry founded American NETWORK Services, Inc., a for profit human development organization focused on communication of useful healthcare information among corporations and providers of healthcare, all emphasizing the ability of people to effectively care for themselves as advanced through healthcare education procedures, concepts and self-management performance skills.

Bringing his publications to market within this environment led to implementation of his Freedom From Stress and Back Pain Train Your Trainers program in multiple organizations including the Queen’s Healthcare System in Hawaii, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Marriott Corporation, Coors, Princeton University Plasma Physics Laboratory, Boise Cascade, Air Products and Chemicals, New England Electric, to name but a few.

All of the previous program implementations were Train Your Trainers and Train Your Employees on-site, using multi-media training materials within small classes. With the advent of the digital communications age, Dr. Mulry transformed his previous work into an online format which is now available at www.ANScentral.com under the umbrella of Positive PERFORMANCE Psychology.

www.YourVoiceMatters.com is the most recent, evolutional step over four decades, making his previous work available to the public within a nonprofit environment. Current focus is on EVERYDAY PEOPLE ELEVATING MENTAL HEALTH with a new definition of mental health. This new definition as published in WORLD PSYCHIATRY, official journal of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA), features what is currently available through American NEWORK Services, Inc. and YourVoiceMatters.com

Emphasis of both for profit and nonprofit organizations is on the fundamentally untapped capacity of individuals to learn and develop self-management of personal health skills and capabilities – moving beyond a disease/treatment model of mental health toward prevention and early intervention model of self-care.

For organizations wanting to develop in-house capabilities to more effectively self-manage healthcare and costs such as Workers’ Compensation, lost work time, injury prevention, and overall well-being, you can contract for all services and products of American NETWORK Services, Inc.

For organizations and individuals wanting to contribute to self-care and enhanced care of others, you can join YourVoiceMatters.com. In so doing, you will LEARN TO TEACH AND TEACH TO LEARN Positive PERFORMANCE Psychology, elevating mental Health within your selected environment.

All of this is E-LEARNING based, easy to access, and useful in virtually any learning environment.

We welcome your participation as we proactively advance this new definition of mental health, utilizing the e-learning tools we have made available through our for profit and nonprofit organizations.